Consulting and Design

"Consulting and Design" is a division of our company that enables us to immerse ourselves in our audiophile roots. Using the latest prediction software and methods, we are able to custom design a system to fit each unique space.

From houses of worship and theaters to intimate meeting rooms we specialize in filling each space with the highest quality equipment focused on providing you with the results you want.

Every project is given careful attention from our design team. We believe it is imperative to understand what you will use your system for and how it will be used. All this information is compiled and dictates a spec which is exclusive to your space.

With decades of real world audio and lighting experience our consultant and design team merge proven methods with the latest technology and software for each project's unique requirements. We believe training and staff integration is a vital component to the success of your new system.

We are sensitive to all budgets and always specify the best gear that will fit into your financial plan. We have special rate structures for houses of worship and educational facilities.